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Steve was with Capital Access Network almost since its inception. I worked with Steve for 13 years, and have always been impressed with how Steve can take on any department of the company and turn it into a successful unit. He understands how to rally the necessary team members around his vision and gain support within the company. Steve has many strengths: he is disciplined, he sets himself high standards and reaches to meet every goal set. He earns respect from his peers and most importantly, his honesty and business ethics enables him, and the company he represents, to be successful.

Franck Fatras

President & COO, LendingPoint

Previously CTO, CAN Capital

When it comes to the MCA Industry, there is no one with more experience than Steve Hunter. I had the privilege of working with and being mentored by Steve for 2 years at Knight Capital Funding. During his time at KCF, I witnessed firsthand his ability to build out the Operations Department as well as create risk modeling that enhanced both scalability and portfolio management. Steve is an excellent leader who displays the skills necessary to develop any department or analytical process. He is a champion of the value of developing human capital, which is evident from his sphere of influence throughout the MCA and Small Business Lending industry. His upbeat demeanor and ability to deliver to the bottom line make him an asset to any business.

Kurt Berthiaume

Underwriting Manager, Knight Capital Funding


Steven provided market intelligence, business development support, credit evaluation and business process consulting services to Rapid in 2016 & 2017. Deeply knowledgeable in the MCA space and a self-starter who gets things done.  I found Steve to be a pleasure to work with. He delivered great value for us during his engagement and I highly recommend his services to anyone in the MCA arena.

Will Tumulty

CEO, Rapid Financial Services

I highly recommend Steve to any prospective client!

Jeremy Brown

Chairman, RapidAdvance

Steven is a consummate executive leader who quickly understands a process and works efficiently across teams to exceed goals. Time after time, he illustrates his ability to understand a challenge from a high-level strategy perspective as well as his ability to take a deeper dive into the analysis and quantify the issue at hand. He works tirelessly to improve processes and capitalize on opportunities.

                                                                                                                                                                Steven worked with my team several times to quantify opportunities as well as to triangulate business assumptions for forecasting purposes. In each case, he clearly laid out the challenges, helped to create functional frameworks, and provided rationale to clarify strategic decisions. His involvement in these projects made them more robust, quicker, and more easily executed.


Ellen Zienta

Analytics Manager, Expedia

Previously Director of Risk & Analytics, CAN Capital

I go back a long way with Steve and I highly recommend him. Steve is an honest professional.

William Morgenstein

President, Marquesa Funding

Previously Vice President, AdvanceMe Inc

Steve, while at Capital Access Network, worked in every department within the company with a tremendous amount of experience in Operations, Finance, Project Management, Sales Management, Risk & Analytics, Sales Support, Underwriting, and Customer Service. Steve is a dedicated individual with great personal integrity and a compassion for his fellow employees. Steve knows how to drive results and keep employees focused on the overall objective while earning the respect and trust from everyone he works with.

Ed Chambers

EVP Operations, CAN Capital

I worked with Steve for a year and a half. He is a great leader and was a mentor to me and many other members of our team at Knight Capital Funding. His knowledge and expertise in terms of the MCA industry and Underwriting is definitely hard to beat, and in my honest opinion it was the key to developing the company to the point it is today.

Sylvia Nunez

Digital & Innovation Specialist, Nestle

Previously Senior Operations Supervisor, Knight Capital Funding

Steve has the ability to see the big picture as well as handle the details on how to achieve the big picture. His ability to stand up for his principles, the company's interest, and achieve his goals made him an asset as a colleague and a senior executive.

Dave Switzer

Chief Analytics Office, LendingPoint

Previously VP of Risk Management, CAN Capital

In my 3 years at AdvanceMe, Steve managed a team of Underwriters and Contract Administrators and oversaw the day to day operations of approving and declining merchants that had applied for working capital.  Steve's leadership style not only helped his own team members improve their due diligence process, but also my process as well by helping me understand what items were most important in his decision-making.

Steve was a valuable coach, and his communication style was very transparent during our working relationship, never hesitating to provide feedback, whether positive or negative. Steve's willingness to adapt to change and prioritization skills were key in what I considered a fast-paced working environment. And as a leader, he always treated his team with respect and empowered them to make their own decisions when the situation called for it, showing confidence in them to make the right call.


Paul Dunn

Project Manager, Delta Community Credit Union

Previously Senior Manager, Business Development, AdvanceMe Inc

Steve is a superb individual. He provided the kind of detailed analysis that it is required to drive a business. Any time that he had capacity to help, he offered it without hesitation. Steve is easy to work with and is very personable.

Andres Berdugo

Senior Director, American Red Cross

Previously Vice President, CAN Capital

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