Start Ups

You have raised the capital and you can get the leads, but you need an experienced Operations expert to build and manage everything from Data Entry through Underwriting, Verifications and Asset Management.  Steven Hunter has been in the MCA industry since February 2000 and has built and managed multiple fast-growing businesses.  There is literally no one in the industry with Hunter Consulting’s experience and depth of knowledge.  Steve can give expert guidance and leadership, and steer you away from the common start-up mistakes that can cost you time, money, and growth opportunity.  Don’t risk stumbling over roadblocks that an experienced professional can help you avoid.


The Inflection Point

Your business is up and running and the growth was steady and encouraging – for a while. Then things began to slow down.  Maybe you’re stalled out, or even moving backwards.  These growing pains are common as you are outstripping your bandwidth, or your processes are not scalable, or your book of business is not performing as you had hoped and you are concerned about your Underwriting and Diligence processes.  You need help in diagnosing the issues and then creating and implementing the plan to grow past them.  No one has more experience building, developing and trouble-shooting Business Development and Operations organizations and processes than Hunter Consulting.



Credit Modeling

You have been Funding for a year or more, and you want to gain a competitive advantage by developing your own proprietary Scoring Model instead of relying on a ‘wish list’ of attributes or using someone else’s data that may have no relevance to the way you do business.  A proprietary, behavior-based risk algorithm is the core of any Underwriting organization.  Without it, you are simply chasing other peoples’ deals, or worse yet, making Funding decisions based on data that may actually increase your risk instead of controlling it.  Steven Hunter has built more than a dozen customized Scoring Models for Merchant Cash Advance providers, providing client-specific tools that create a significant competitive advantage.


Don't Get Left Behind.